20 Reasons To Choose T-L Pivots

  1. It was the only system with continuous movement: uniform water application 
    No start and stop of the drive train means less wear and tear on all components and an Improved water pattern without spoking.
  2. Safe and simple to operate and understand 
    No high voltage on the system structure.
  3. No lightning damage
    Because there are no high voltage components, you don’t have to worry about lightning strikes.
  4. Minimum maintenance alignment 
    No micro switches or contacts to worry about.
  5. Alignment valve with 8-year warranty
    Long warranty for added assurance.
  6. No center drive gearboxes 
    Motors coupled to final drive for higher drive efficiency.
  7. No exposed drive shaft 
    No crop wrapping, no u-joints with either planetary or worm drive.
  8. Industry-leading gearbox warranty
    Planetary drive: 8 years or 24,000 hours.
    Worm drive: 8 years or 16,000 hours.
  9. Speed, direction and machine management control options 
    From remote location, at pivot point or at end tower. An Alarm panel is also available.
  10. Conoco Hydroclear TM hydraulic fluid 
    Environmentally friendly for the life of the system.
  11. Hydraulic pump 
    Long service life. Speed PSI and flow are all variable.
  12. Hydraulic tank 
    Simple to maintain, no adjustments required or gauges to set.
  13. End gun booster
    Hydraulic drive. No voltage is required.
  14. End gun shut-off 
    Hydraulic cylinder. Fast/positive on to off action.
  15. Only towable system offered with lift jacks
    No extra mechanical jack needed or tractor required to convert towers to a towable position.
  16. Only towable system offered with planetary gears 
    No drive shafts and u-joints to disconnect and reconnect.
  17. Financing with T-L Credit Company 
    Competitive rates and financing with people you know.
    * Some state limitations apply
  18. Support from us on product design, installation & service
    B & B Irrigation Specialists have over 40 years of experience in the West.
  19. The lowest annual maintenance cost in the industry
    Saves you money year after year.
  20. A full 98% of T-L Irrigation customers say they will buy another system!
    Information from the annual T-L customer satisfaction survey.

When you add it up…the choice is simple!