• Proven Technology that Works!

    Proven Technology that Works!

  • AgSense


    GPS driven pivot monitor/control system that communicates via the digital cell network to provide near real-time information and up to the minute alarms to your cell phone, smart phone or computer.
  • Continuously Out Performing Competition!

    Continuously Out Performing Competition!

  • Riverscreen
  • Engine and Pivot Point

    Engine and Pivot Point

  • 20 Reasons to Choose T-L

    20 Reasons to Choose T-L

    When you add it up, the choice is simple!

Reasons For Choosing a T-L Hydraulic Pivot

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  1. 1
    No high voltage electricity
    T-L pivots are safe to use because there is no risk of high voltage electrical shock.
  2. 2
    Proven technology that works
    Hydraulic power is easy to understand, safe, efficient and economical.
  3. 3
    Continuous pivot movement
     T-L systems deliver the best, most consistent water pattern available because of continuous pivot movement.
  4. 4
    Precise rotation times at any temperature
    History has shown that the start-stop motion is also detrimental to component life, increases mechanical problems, creates more expense, causes downtime, and generally makes irrigating miserable. These problems are avoided with T-L hydraulic pivots.